What is SideGeek?

SideGeek is the best way to get development work done without hiring a full time developer.  We match accomplished, professional developers looking for side work with the project sponsors who need the work done.  By using SideGeek, you avoid paying (directly or indirectly) for the developer's benefits, vacation and other expenses that come with both full time employees and consultants.  You get "Part-Time Awesome" for less than you would pay for "Full-Time Average".


We only work with A Players

It’s hard to find reliable, affordable developers to help you reach your goals. At least, it used to be. At SideGeek, we give you direct access to the same experienced, quality consultants you’ll find at top software companies, only at a fraction of the cost of consulting firms or agencies.


Get a Quote for Your Project

SideGeek developers can work for you by the hour, or give you a single quote for your whole project- whatever you are more comfortable with.  We also require that our SideGeeks provide you with easy to understand reporting each week with their progress and estimated deliverable dates.  


Expert Matching to Find the RIGHT SideGeek

We know IT talent.  Our management team has over 50 years of combined experience working with IT talent and have been working together for over 10 years.  We know that technical talent is only a part of the success equation.  We personally match each project with the right developer for your role- we know that successful projects bring about long term success for everyone involved.


Best Tools and Process

Do you have limited experience managing development projects?  We can help!  We have the best tools and process to ensure that you do your project right the first time!  SideGeek can also offer any level of project management support you need for your project.  Where you need no project management support, limited consulting or would prefer we manage the entire project- we're here to help!